Flower Box Awards: ’05 Season Kick-Off

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
I admit it. I’ve gotten lazy with the Flower Box Awards. This was a hard winter.

Don’t blame me, I’m from Los Angeles, where there is always something growing. My mother tortures me weekly with reports of what she bought at the Hollywood Farmers market and planted beneath her apricot tree or by the hot tub.

Two weeks ago, it started getting warmer. So one kind of misty, drizzly day (perfect for planting!) I went up to Union Square and bought some of the first pansies of the season. It was time… I planted our flower boxes.

Now, I don’t think that pansies are the be all end all of flower box gardening, but it’s a start. The next few months will give those little meager boxes a chance to host a variety of joyful blossoms – I’ll try to remember to share them with you, however I have a feeling that, with the flower box season heating up, I’ll be very busy giving out awards.

What are you going to plant this year?

It’s nice to be back. skgr