Flower Box Awards: 114 Franklin Street

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Let there be Grace. We’ve been walking by this box, just steps from Apartment Therapy headquarters, all summer long. Until now, it has been unremarkable – your average, single flower box. But this week, it popped out at us for it’s tall, neat shrubery in the back and it’s training, but neat, flowers in the front. (Now, if we could only remember the names of these plants. Does anyone know?)

What also makes this box special is that it isn’t in front of an apartment, or a gallery, or a shop. It’s in front of a bar – called Grace – in Tribeca.

Tonight you’re likely to find the place packed with the after-work crowd sipping beers and martinis as their work weeks come to a close. We salute Grace Bar for taking the time and effort and expense to maintain such a plain-ol’-nice flowerbox in front of their business because it’s these little touches that make living, and drinking, in this city tolerable. skgr