Flower Box Awards: 18 West 9th Street

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

How often do you see big pristine white flowers growing in New York City?


That’s what stopped us last night as we walked across 9th Street – three pots of pert little cyclamen plants, nestled on the stoop of a townhouse.

As we photographed the perfect blossoms, I noticed they also had a window box filled with the same plant. I love the simplicity of using just one kind of plant – no need to get all fancy with the design.

This plant already has so much going on: low-laying marbled foliage that makes a very hardy foundation for the long lean stems that emerge, like ballerinas, supporting silky silvery blossoms that turn throughout the day.

Cyclamen was once a plant I had a small distaste for – someone gave me one with pink blossoms when I had my first job out of college and I kept it on my desk filled with faith that I could nurture and love this little life, but it died on me. I probably over watered it, but at the time I took it very personally, and developed a resistance to falling in love again. Well, last night it happened. Love at second sight. skgr