Flower Box Awards: 25 Bedford Street

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s that time again. The city is dressing itself up in nature’s finest. Whole blocks at a time are brightening up with windowboxes, stoop pots and street-tree planters. At Apartment Therapy, we are inaugurating a weekly award, going to those we consider some of the most valuable New Yorkers – those who put color and life onto our city blocks.

We begin with a classic – the wrought-iron planter at street level. Nothing fancy, totally dependable. 25 Bedford Street in the West Village. We’ve noticed that each spring since they moved in, this family plants pansies in their box. It makes the whole block smile.

Pansies are available at many delis, fruitstands and markets and usually for just a few dollars. Why not put some in your window? Why not make your block smile? SKGR

25 B