Flower Box Special: Citizen Pruner

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Have you ever wondered who takes care of the 2.5 million trees in NYC? Trees New York, of course! Specifically, the Citizen Pruners — civilians like you and I who are trained by Trees New York to prune and care for street trees. For years I have wanted to be a Citizen Pruner and this year, I decided to make it happen.

The course meets four week nights in May and then one Saturday out with the trees. There are six locations – two in Manhattan and one in each of the other boroughs. And at $90, I think it’s a bargain. What a skill! I do believe you get a badge.

Join me! I’d love to see some Apartment Therapy readers learning to take care of the trees in their neighborhood. I’m doing the course at the downtown Manhattan location. Let’s get a team together. skgr

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