Flowerbox Award: Grove Court (Grove Street)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Grove Court…what took us so long??? Grove Court, the tiny little hamlet of houses, yes real houses, on Grove Street just off Hudson in the West Village, is a horticultural inspiration. Everybody seems to be growing something and you know that’s what I like to see in the city.

But since the court is private, in order to enjoy it you have to either know someone who lives there. There’s a narrow vista just in from Hudson Street, and anyone can peek in. The entire couryard is planted, as are many of the windowboxes on the houses.

I liked the one on the east side of the courtyard planted lushly with ivy and coleus. As my zoom lens did its best to get that final, rather out-of-focus shot, I noticed several neighbors gathered, armed with gardening gloves and watering cans, doing their good deeds. Now if they’d only let us in to smell the flowers, or at least widen that gate so we could get a better look! Grove Court, this week’s prize is for you. SKGR