Flowerbox Awards – Sal Anthony’s 55 Irving Place

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Barely Legal. This takes the cake.
Sal Anthony’s Neighborhood Restaurant on Irving Place (between 17th and 18th) pushes the limits of window box, sidewalk, roof-top gardening in the city.

In a dazzling mish-mosh of pots, planter boxes, miscellaneous tubs and hanging planters live an explosive myriad of plant life – nothing too exotic by itself, but collectively it is one of the most expressive, jubilant landscapes I’ve seen in the city.

As I passed by, snapping these photos, I wondered if this was even legal – in this time of strict municipal zoning and laws related especially to restaurants (smoking, liquor licensing, noise), it was refreshing to see that a restaurant owner really could go over the edge with their gardening habit, without getting arrested. skgr