Floyd Launched a Mattress That Pairs With Its Instagram-Worthy Bed, and Now I’m Sleeping So Much Better

published Oct 29, 2019
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Detroit-based brand Floyd, a company known for its minimal, easy-to-assemble furniture, just announced The Mattress, a hybrid coil-and-foam option they designed to perfectly complement their ever-popular, Instagram-favorite platform bed. I got the opportunity to test it, and after sleeping on said mattress for about 10 days, it’s been wonderful.

Allow me to get a little meta for a moment: I’ve been writing for Apartment Therapy since 2011, and I’ve had a front row seat reading about and reporting on the “mattress wars,” ever since direct-to-consumer startups came on the scene, beds-in-a-box a-blazing, ready to shake up the way mattresses are made and sold. In the past decade, we’ve gone from traditional coil mattresses with boxsprings to the initial round of fully foam disruptors to what is the Goldilocks of them all: the hybrid of foam and coil.

My former mattress was one of those all-foam ones—not from a trendy startup, mind you, but it was affordable, firm enough, and replaced the mattress I dragged from my mom’s house to my first post-college apartment many, many moons ago. I’d been using it for about six years, and honestly, I thought it was great. That is, until I unfurled the Floyd mattress.

One of my ideals when testing a new mattress is that when you’re on it, you should never be thinking about the mattress. It’s a little tough when you’re literally reviewing it, but what I mean is that you shouldn’t be feeling it. You should just be comfortable and supported, not noticing that you’re sinking into it or a spring pokes you when you roll that way or your back is hurting in the middle of the night or you wake up in a full sweat because it’s trapping your body heat. With the Floyd mattress, I felt none of that.

My all-foam mattress was definitely too toasty, and while the temps are cool in Boston in October, Floyd’s foam is a “breathable open-cell material infused with copper and graphite to dissipate body heat.” The cover is Tencel, which also helps with air flow and temperature regulation. And because it also has coils (over 1,000 pocketed ones), I felt supported no matter where or what position I was sleeping in. One of the annoying things about my foam mattress was sitting on the edge of the bed to put on my shoes. Without any coils, often my butt was on the bed frame, which doesn’t happen with the Floyd, thanks to firmer edge coils which provide stability throughout.

Speaking of firmness, there’s only one option for The Mattress, and for me, it works. I’d say it’s on the firmer end of the spectrum, but it makes me feel fully supported instead of uncomfortable.

When unboxing, I found that there’s an initial light smell as the mattress unrolls, but it faded within a day. Floyd says the foam, which is CertiPUR-US, is very low-VOC, and other parts, like the Tencel cover, are also eco-friendly.

I also switched to the Floyd bed, and it’s clear how well they pair together. The bed assembles without tools or screws, and is basically just a set of birch wood panels held together by metal legs and supports. [Editor’s note for my independent single folk out there: I normally laugh in the face of instructions that say you need two people. But assembling the bed requires balancing both ends in the supports at the same time, and unless you have a 7-foot wingspan, you’re going to want to phone a friend.] I love that it’s also modular; add or take away a panel for a different sized bed (one day I’ll have a bedroom big enough for a King, just putting that out into the universe).

Because it’s a simple wood platform with nothing holding the mattress in place, it’s really nice that Floyd designed the mattress to have a non-slip fabric on the bottom. It’s also 10 inches high, which is plush, but not so tall that it throws off the sleek lines of the bed, which is key for those double-taps on Instagram.

Floyd’s The Mattress starts at $795 for a twin and $1,195 for a king. It ships for free and within two to five days in the lower 48 states, and they offer a 30-day at home trial and a 10-year warranty.