Fold Away Phones: Coming to a Pocket Near You Soon

Fold Away Phones: Coming to a Pocket Near You Soon

Range Govindan
Dec 19, 2008

With the evolution of E ink type displays, we are getting closer and closer to thinner and thinner phones. OLED is another technology that is going to be widely available soon. Some digital picture frames and phones already sport OLED display technology, while E ink is the technology behind the Amazon Kindle. E ink uses a lot less energy to display stuff, which is great because your phone will live a lot longer on standby mode. Mac Funamizu decided to explore the concept of fold-away phones.


Mac Funamizu explores the concept of the fold-away phone, which he got from Samsung's Flexible OLED shown above. As always, his designs are thought-provoking and interesting. Since OLED displays can be wafer-thin, it's possible that at one point you could fold them away. The main reason why fold-away phones would be good is that they would let you have larger screens without making them too obtrusive. You can see what I mean when you think about a G1 that slides out another display instead of a keyboard and snaps into place, so that you can't see the difference.

The concept phones are interesting and make us wonder how this can be used in modern phones. There is a definite trend for using secondary displays in laptops. A lot of the newer higher-end laptops will come with secondary displays next year. It's probable that this kind of thinking will seep down into mobile phones, some of which already have secondary external displays, a must on clam-shell designs.

[via Yanko Design, photos by Mac Funamizu]

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