This Foldable Outdoor Stove Can Literally Fit In Your Pocket

published Mar 8, 2020
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Credit: Elad Achi

On a scale of 1 to 10, where do you fall as an outdoor enthusiast? If you fall somewhere near the lower end of the spectrum, then step into this judgment-free zone and allow us to reward you for your utter disinterest in building a campfire. We’re not sure if an aversion to gathering twigs helped motivate student industrial designer Elad Achi to create this super cool foldable outdoor stove but one thing’s for sure: it’s incredibly clever.

Formally known as the Katipo, the tiny apparatus bears a striking resemblance to the Australian redback spider for which it is named. Using a structural blueprint inspired by the diminutive insect, Achi gave the stove the spider’s same small stature, as well as its signature black and red colorings. 

While the experts are busy rubbing a pair of sticks together to roast marshmallows in classic outdoor fashion, our inner glamper would rather learn more about how this little gas stove functions.

Credit: Elad Achi

In its folded state, Katipo can fit in the palm of a hand or even in a pants pocket, but in its fully unfolded state, the stove measures nearly two inches wide by approximately five inches long. It’s made of stainless steel and is covered in a heat-resistant, ceramic-based paint. In order to set the stove up for use, simply twist the middle and lower legs counter clockwise. A built-in pin stops the middle leg after it’s been rotated 120 degrees. Continue rotating the lower leg until it stops. Find a solid piece of ground to set the stove on, and you’re ready to start cooking over a tiny, yet very capable open flame.

Since Achi created the miniature outdoor appliance as a part of a research project on the uses of metal, it’s unlikely that we’ll hear about any Katipo sightings during the upcoming camping season. In the meantime, we recommend checking out small space grills as a possible cooktop substitute.