Suffering From Folder Fatigue? Here's the Cure!

Suffering From Folder Fatigue? Here's the Cure!

Jason Rodway
Sep 27, 2011

We're firm believers in the concept of less is more, so we try to apply the practice as much as possible, including when it comes to our file organization. With that being said, we're not fans of folders, and try to keep them to a minimum. As we continue to transition our files into a more accessible form, we find the best way to avoid being consumed by folders is to let the file names do the work for you. Here's how...

Having all our videos in one folder makes it easy on the eyes as long as it's well maintained and in order. The different elements of each file can narrow down its individuality for quick and easy finding on the fly. Every manner of file all have their unique tags that can be applied in order to create a coherent file template created by personal taste. There are many programs that can automate the file naming process by using the tags that already exist or have been applied manually.

Tag Scanner (Windows Only)

A wonderful program for editing music tags of a variety of forms and additionally using those tags to change the file names as well. It requires some labour but takes away a lot of the brunt work by doing batch editing to help move things along.

Rename Master Utility (Windows Only)

A wizard with an easy to use interface. It has the capability to change all manner of files based on the file properties no matter what file type it may be. Clean and simple.

Automator (Mac Only)

The Automator Application that comes standard with all Macs is a daunting wizard to some but it's capabilities (with well worded tutorials) can accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently. Where there is the internet, there's always help. Renaming files is a cinch with the right know how.

These are just a few methods to protect from tedious click (pause) clicking. The entirety of renaming such files manually would be the task of a meticulous person with amazing patience and resilience. It's all a matter of personal taste however and these are just a sample of hundreds of capable means across the net. The benefits speak for them self however as double clicking through numerous folders can all be changed to scrolling through a list of files all in one location.

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