Food for Thought: Plastic-Wrapped Vegetables?

Food for Thought: Plastic-Wrapped Vegetables?

Amber Byfield
Apr 9, 2010

A friend of ours sent us this photo earlier in the week, showing off shrink-wrapped sweet potatoes spotted at a grocery store in Louisiana. The potatoes seemed to contradict everything that natural food should be. See, it goes like this... Have you ever baked a potato?

The first think we learned to cook might have been the baked potato, microwave style. You take a potato, wash it, poke some holes in it with a fork, and then nuke it. Simple as that.

We now know that we should stick with organic potatoes, since they're on the Dirty Dozen list (strike one for this product). And we also know that we should avoid mixing heat and plastic, on account of the whole BPA thing (strike two). To top it all off (as in, strike three), what about reducing the packaging in our lives?

We don't have scientific evidence that this product is harmful, but it seems to us that a non-organic potato wrapped in plastic with the intention of heating it up in a microwave might fall into the "potentially hazardous" category. At the very least, it's not eco-friendly for sure.

But seeing the very same potatoes in their own natural skin, right next to a shrink-wrapped potato, begs the question: what's the point of all that plastic?

As our friend said in her email,

They went out of their way to put trash on this delicious (and compostable) meal! I was outraged. And that seems gross. Microwaving potatoes in that mystery plastic will probably turn you into an alien.

Again, we can't claim scientific proof here, but... we do happen to agree with the particular soapbox this friend stands on. What about you?

(Image: Claire Tyler, used with permission)

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