Food Origins: Where's My Milk From?

Food Origins: Where's My Milk From?

Amber Byfield
Jul 1, 2010

You may be one of the fortunate folks (or brave, according to some) with access to local, fresh milk from a farmer you trust—but most of us turn to the grocery store. We stopped buying conventional milk a long while back, but often wonder where, exactly, our organic milk comes from. Last night we grabbed the carton from the fridge and found out.

Well, kind of.

Sure enough, we went to Where Is My Milk From's site and entered in the code on our half-gallon of organic milk.

Our code showed up on the map, hailing from the HEB milk plant in San Antonio, Texas. Which is exactly where we knew it was packaged. The thing is, we're still wondering where these cows who produce our organic milk live and do their work.

While it may be helpful to know where your milk was processed (we're happy that ours comes from 75 miles up the road), we were hoping it would lead us a little closer to the source of our dairy products. Maybe then we could check up on the farm's organic practices. Or maybe, if we really knew where the commercial stuff came from, we'd finally be convinced to buy it from the raw milk seller two counties over.

So, does anyone know how to get to the bottom of this question, right down to the dairy farm? Or do you care?

(Via Take Part Social Action Network. Image: Stock.Xchng member Marijnvb)

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