FOOD: Pure Synergy, Lean Green Machine

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We started drinking Pure Synergy nearly ten years ago at the suggestion of our wonderfully quirky aunts out in Venice, California. They’re always calling with a new vitamin or supplement. They’ve since moved on to other things but we’re still gulping down Synergy, mixed with orange juice and sometimes a banana, every morning. A new bottle arrives every month in the mail.

When Max was a teacher, he noticed that when he drank the green slime each day, he never got sick, a feat considering he spent his days with snotty-nosed children. I felt stronger, more svelte, and enjoy fewer bouts with allergies when I’m regularly drinking it.

You’re probably a little skeptical. So was I. And I still am. But I keep drinking it because mostly it serves as a daily ritual in honor of my health. Like meditation, prayer, flossing, a nightly glass of wine, and regular brisk walks, the simple act of doing something with health in mind, feels healthy just on its own.

What food rituals keep your mind and body healthy? skgr