FOOD: The Brothers Lee’s Ice Cream Story in Today’s NY Times

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Want to read a really great piece of food writing? That’s the first full sentence spoken to my husband this morning over breakfast and the Times Dining In/Dining Out section.

His brow contorted into grotesquely expressive position, which was ignored as the snippets from the first few paragrahs of Matt Lee & Ted Lee‘s piece, Ice Dreams, were read out loud.

“But many of the flavors filling store freezers — with their peanut-butter-filled pretzels, cookie-dough pellets and stripes of marshmallow goo added in – spring from a very limited source of culinary creativity, as if they were proposed by an overcaffeinated 8-year old.”

One of us is guffawing over our toast – the other is focusing on eating it and getting to work. Guess who’s who.

Our guess is that he’ll be a little more attentive this weekend when we make the Raspberry Lime Rickey Sorbet and Sour Cream Ice Cream this weekend. (Maybe you’ll make the Gingersnap Ice Cream and report back to us.)

Hats off to the Brothers Lee. May you continue to inspire both cooks, writers, and even the occasional dis-interested spouse. skgr