FOOD Tools: Pastry Scraper Doubles as Indispensible Kitchen Companion

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

One of the most useful gadgets in our kitchen is a simple little rectangle of metal. It’s called a pastry scraper (or bench scraper), and unless you are a pastry chef, you probably don’t have one. If you have ever chopped an onion, only to lose little bits of it to the floor as you tried to transfer it to your skillet, you’ll like this tool. If you have ever found your cutting board or butcher block caked with the remnants of garlic, dough, or other foods and you were tempted to ruin the edge of your favorite chef’s knife just to get it clean, you’ll like this tool.

And of course, if you have ever tried making pie crust with your hand, only to sacrifice much of the good gooey parts to the webbing of your hands, or the rings on your fingers, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get this tool sooner. skgr

Buy a pastry scraper for as little as $4 from one of our favorite kitchen supply stores: