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Credit: Photo by Joe Lingeman; Prop Styling by Stephanie Yeh

25 Gifts That Are Perfect for the Foodie in Your Life

updated Nov 11, 2020
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If you know someone who’s doing a little more eating and drinking at home than usual these days (so… most people?!), a present for their kitchen or bar can help elevate the mundane. Better yet, your recipient will think of you every time they use it! Whether you’re treating a mixology nerd to a new tool or a total foodie to a gourmet splurge, this guide will hit the sweet, savory, salty, bitter, and umami spots for anyone that lives to eat and drink (including yourself!).

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Soy to the world! This tofu press is made from 100 percent Japanese cyprus and will transform soy milk into handcrafted curds that taste leagues better than the store-bought kind. It makes a great garlic or onion keeper, too.

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Any baker or sweet tooth who loves vanilla (or thinks it’s typically a snooze) will enjoy this set. These premium, single-origin vanilla bean pastes come from different countries—Madagascar, Mexico, and Tahiti—and each have a distinct flavor, so you can turn up your recipes just a touch.

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Between the gorgeous packaging and the heavenly aroma, these fine teas are almost too special to brew. From an Indian company that knows its chai, the sophisticated flavor assortment will refine any teatime.

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The Grommet

If life’s a box of chocolates, artisan caramels are the cherry on top. This ooey-gooey, buttery sugar rush of a sampler makes for a perfect hostess present, and the flavors are all classy and scrumptious.

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Blue Apron
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Stonewall Kitchen

Got a spread-head on your list? Give a selection of superbly-crafted mustards, jams, and jellies for making stand-out sandwiches.

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Jonathan Adler

Lend a few helping hands to an at-home bartender with this ultra-luxe marble and metal cocktail toolkit that’s the perfect piece to top a bar cart. Made out of solid brass, each tool has a nice weight to it, is built to last, and will develop a gorgeous patina if left unpolished.

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Alessi really thought of everything in the case of this olive oil pourer. The glass base is also a taster designed in accordance with professional olive oil tasting regulations, so you can sip and get a good whiff of that liquid gold. The leaf is a spout that can fit any standard olive oil bottle, and will administer the perfect drizzle for bread, cheese, and more.

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Soho Home

After being consistently bummed by soggy bread, the British invented toast racks so steam could escape when serving toast. The silver-plated Art Deco-inspired rack will class up other carbs, too (Waffles! Banana bread!), and holds four pieces—or plenty of mail, if you’d rather use it for that.

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It takes a certain sweet tooth to pull off this ear party. Made of polymer clay coated in "sour dust" glitter, the wearer will inspire many a contact sugar rush, and the earrings are guaranteed to elicit a smile from just about anyone who sees them.

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Here’s a beer glass so beautiful, it'll become the first pick for any draught, bottle, or can. Your suds-loving bud will love the hand-blown contour that's grip-friendly and helps the beer maintain its foamy head.

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Williams Sonoma

This gift is three-fold. One: flaky, buttery, Belgian chocolate-centered deliciousness. Two: the aroma of a Parisian bakery filling the kitchen. Finally, three: the convenience of fresh chocolate croissants whenever they want. They're shipped frozen, so an overnight rise in the fridge is all it takes for irresistible pastries in the morning.

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Williams Sonoma

From Bolivian Rose to Black Lava, a salt-loving someone will swoon over this spectrum of the world's finest sodium chloride, all sustainably sourced. A tasting guide, which comes with the set, can help your pal describe the minerality of each variety and decide what to cook with each salt.

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Williams Sonoma

Yes, scraping batter can make the world a little better. Featuring patterns created by stars from Ina Garten to Dolly Parton, these cute spatulas support No Kid Hungry, a charity that feeds food-insecure children across the U.S.

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Bold, block-printed tea towels are like a quick facelift for any kitchen or dining room. Buy this banana style by the bunch for a set of chic cloth napkins. The cotton flour sack fabric means they’re durable, quick-drying, and ideal for proofing dough.

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Eating melon out of this melon-half earthenware bowl is very meta and supports an artisan that believes fruit-eating should be a fun, festive occasion. Gift it to your favorite fruit lover, and expand on their collection down the road with a pineapple, coconut, grapefruit, and more—all cast from real produce.

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Think of this special syrup as the caramelized crust of crème brûlée, liquified for cocktails, ice cream, coffee, pancakes, oatmeal, and more. It's very hard to find on shelves, so there's a good chance this online score is like nothing they’ve tasted before.

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Gin lovers or mixology dabblers can take their cocktails to the next level with this high-proof kit. Just pour vodka or another neutral spirit into the included bottles then sprinkle in a combo of the ten botanicals to create a custom infusion. In three days, they'll have gin that's anything but generic.

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Boiling water never looked so hot. This sleek design, inspired by an Art Deco stovetop kettle, is one they'll actually want to keep on the countertop. This kettle isn’t just a pretty face though—stainless steel construction and a limescale filter keep the water free from mineral buildup.

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Feeling bright and zippy or dark and bold? Whether pairing with moods or foods, this dynamic vinegar duo can dress it all. The champagne vinegar is infused with Valencia and navel oranges, and the balsamic with Triple Crown blackberries. All ingredients are sourced from a family-run farm in California's Central Coast, and the bottles look like modern art. Talk about a win-win.

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One spice fits all? This sticker set begs to differ: A cook's seasonings are as personal as any other tool or ingredient they use. The minimalist customizable labels are classier than masking tape and will cleanly categorize any bodacious herb arsenal.

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Cutting boards made from 100 percent recycled plastic and renewable sugarcane are perfect for the eco-conscious cook. They’re big and sturdy enough to prep a salad but lightweight enough to stash in an overhead cabinet. Choose from a variety of luxe colors that'll liven up any countertop.

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Have a friend that's desperately missing happy hour? Bring the party to them with this sweet set that includes small-batch nuts, herby crackers, and a cocktail mix plus garnishes. Just add alcohol—and maybe a Zoom link so you can catch up with one another over a drink.

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They can chip away at the eight-ounce hunks for a snack, but picture the epic meltiness of a grilled sandwich made with Sharp Cheddar, Baby Swiss, Colby, Smoked Gouda and Edam. This sampler is shipped on ice, straight from the Dairy State.

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These tiny puzzle sets are perfect for your bestie who loves to eat and problem solve. Choose from several different foodie categories including things like kitchen smells, movie night, and midnight munchies. The best part? Each can be completed in under 20 minutes.