For Sale (and a Warning to Pet Owners!): Two Sago Palms

For Sale (and a Warning to Pet Owners!): Two Sago Palms

Grace Shu
Apr 11, 2008

I considered posting this in the Scavenger section, but then decided it might be better to expand upon why I'm putting up my two sago palms up for sale. Yesterday, Nan got a stung by a bee on her muzzle and half her face ballooned up. During a trip to the pet emergency room (TLC 24-Hour pet ER), the vet told me, "It's not so much bee stings and spider bites you should worry about, it's more about the plants you have in your backyard."

Turns out, I happen to have two sago palms in my backyard from the previous owner. One is HUGE, and the other is medium sized. Sago palms aren't technically palms despite their appearance: they're conifers and they are one of the few surviving plants of the prehistoric dinosaur age. They do extremely well in LA as you care for them like a cactus: very little watering, a lot of sun, little to no fertilization, and a high tolerance of neglect (if you have a black thumb like me).

My vet advised me to get rid of the plants immediately as ingesting a sago palm seed will cause liver failure. "Put em up for sale," she advised, "They're valuable plants, some big ones run up in the hundreds. Some people will even offer to come to your house and remove it themselves!"

So: if any of you AT readers don't have pets and want an exotic plant (or two) on the cheap side, drop me an email at If you DO have pets, make sure that your plants aren't on this list from the ASPCA! I'm on high alert right now with Nan as I did catch her chewing on a branch last week...

Update: The sago palms are gone!

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