For The Guys: A Urinal At Home?

For The Guys: A Urinal At Home?

I recently worked with a client who insisted on having a urinal at home — it was either that or he'd do his business outside just to avoid wasting water. So we obliged and included a waterless urinal to be installed in one bathroom of his house. While the request was a first for our office, I'm almost more surprised we don't include it more often because of the water savings.

Even better than just a regular urinal, is a waterless urinal. Most of these fixtures rely on a liquid that floats at the top of the trapway at the base of the urinal. The liquid is less dense than urine and therefore allows the urine to drain through, while the trapping liquid stays on top. This provides a barrier to block odors and keeps everything tidy and clean. And because the urinal dries out between uses, waterless urinals can actually be more sanitary than conventional urinals.

According to, if there are two males in a home, each using the urinal three uses per day, times 340 days at home, a waterless urinal will replace about 2,040 toilet flushes per year, providing annual water savings of about 3,250 gallons — obviously the savings go up with more males in the house.

Waterless Urinals:
Kohler Steward® Waterless Urinals
Waterless Baja

So guys, would you use a urinal at home?


(Images: 1 Hot or Not? Boys Bathroom with Urinal; 2 & 3 Kohler; 4 & 5 Waterless Company)

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