Cat and Dog Health and Training Apps

Cat and Dog Health and Training Apps

Jason Rodway
Aug 15, 2012

Pet owners are a special breed of people. Who else would drive out of their way for a dog grooming appointment or spend $30 on a cat bed that might never get used? I love my two cats dearly, but sometimes I need a little help organizing their paperwork and getting them to behave. After they were finished being distracted by some touch screen cat games, I found some apps that pet owners might find helpful.


Left: Petcentric - Right: My Pets -- Ask The Vets

Pet owners are frequently faced with hardships when it comes to apartments and hotels. Petcentric is a location based service that helps you find multiple pet-friendly establishments such as hotels, dog parks or beaches, restaurants, bars, pet stores, pet sitters, groomers or kennels. In an emergency situation, you can find the nearest vet and call them from the information provided. Free

My Pets — Ask The Vets
Frequent check ups with your local vet are vital for maintaining your pet's health. However, in times when a second opinion is required or there's no time and means for transportation, Ask the Vets is a useful resource. This app acts as a direct line to a distinguished institution in Brazil to answer any questions you might have. It even has a database feature for your pet's information, vaccination and health history. $20

Left: iKibble - Right: Cat Training
iKibble Feeding our canine friends the wrong food can lead to serious health complications. The next time find yourself asking 'can I feed this to my dog?,' find the detailed answer with iKibble. A large database of hundreds of foods grouped under meat, dairy, fruit, vegetable and grain is provided, with each entry detailing a health rating (out of five, five being healthy) and a summary of the effects that certain foods produce. $1

Cat Training
I ask so little of my own little monsters, yet they still persist in sleeping on my work space the moment my back is turned. Maybe they just need a little Cat Training. This app is an amazing manual into the inner workings of feline behavior and will teach owners how to clip claws, instill proper litter etiquette, and stop furniture destruction and counter top adventuring. $1


Left: Pet First Aid - Right: PetRescuers by HomeAgain

Pet First Aid
Pet First Aid is a good app to have but hopefully won't be used. When the unthinkable does happen, Pet First Aid is armed with information and videos for bandaging, restraining, CPR, and a large variety of treatments. The iOS version also has a personal pet health database that's coming soon to Android in a future update. $3
Also available for iOS - $4

PetRescuers by Home Again
Nothing is more worrying for a pet owner than when their beloved companion goes missing. The first step after searching the area and putting up signs should be checking out Home Again's PetRescuers app. Check shelters in your area for recently found animals or put the word out. PetRescuers is absolutely dedicated to seeing lost pets safely returned home. Free
Also available for iOS

Left: Petometer - Right: Cat Whistle Pro Trainer
Petometer Walking comes with the territory of being a dog owner. Petometer is a pedometer app from Purina that tracks your walks with your canine and delivers a thorough database of his/her activity history as a reference. It's extremely useful when shared among the family to know who is walking the dog, as well as where and when the dog goes on a daily basis. Free

Cat Whistle Pro Trainer
Cats respond differently than dogs, so it's difficult to reprimand them for clawing the couch. Rather than exercising verbal punishment, a safer and more effective route is the Cat Whistle Pro Trainer app. Whenever the offender does something you wish to correct, just sound the whistle to distract them. With constant correction and training provided by the app, your cat will adapt and begin to behave themselves a little better. Free

Windows Phone 7

Left: Pet At Hand - Right: PetTech PetSaver

Pet At Hand
A strong pet health database choice for the Mango handset is Pet At Hand. With its sleek and professional design, you can input detailed information on your furry, feathered or scaly friends and have it safe with you always. Every angle is covered, from reminders for vaccinations and vet appointments to the expenses surrounding each pet. $3

PetTech PetSaver
One of the essential apps to have if you have pets is Pet Tech's PetSaver. Whatever pet you may have, the information for CPR, first aid and emergency care is neatly collected into one place. On top of having crucial details for saving your pet's life in a pinch, it also has a first aid kit checklist, a poison directory and emergency pet help locator. $5

Left: Petingo - Right: Dog Whistle
Petingo Would you like to connect with other pet owners in your area? Petingo is a social networking app with emphasis on your furry companions. Find dog parks or suggest your own hot spots. You can even set up a profile for your pet and share pictures with others. Free

Dog Whistle
There's a reason why dogs are man's best friend — they are loyal to their master, whom they regard with great respect. When training is required to remind your dog who's in charge, Dog Whistle simulates the effect of a real life dog whistle with your smartphone. Amazingly helpful for hell hounds or teaching your canine some tricks. $1

(Images: 1. Jason Rodway, all others: as credited above)

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