Ford Designed a Smart Crib That Mimics Car Rides, So You Can Skip the Late Night Drives

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Parents, you know how when you’re so desperate for the baby to sleep that you take your exhausted self and wide awake child for a 3 am drive, hoping for just a little mercy? Well, Ford hears you. The automaker designed an actual crib that mimics the sounds and motions of a car ride to lull your kid to sweet, sweet slumber.

Called Max Motor Dreams, the crib mimics the sights, sounds, and feelings of a nighttime car ride: LEDs that glow softly, speakers replicates the ambient hum of the engine, and the gentle rocking and vibrations that occur when riding in the backseat. There’s even an app that will record your usual drive route, and replay it for familiarity.

Designed by Alejandro López Bravo of Spanish creative studio Espada y Santa Cruz, the crib is a one-off pilot created for a Ford Spain marketing campaign. But since word got out, real parents are actually clamoring for the crib, and the company that was built to make cars might just get into the baby business; After “numerous inquiries,” they are “considering putting the unique cot into full‑scale production,” according to a press release.

For those who are too sleep deprived to wait for that to happen, there’s another smart crib out there set to rock-a-bye your baby to sleep. Released last fall, the Yves Behar-designed Snoo can sense when your child is crying and will rock accordingly, as well as mimic sounds from the womb. The smartphone connected crib isn’t cheap, but we don’t expect the Ford version to be in the IKEA price range, either. At least maybe it’ll be easier to put together (we’re looking at you, Ryan Reynolds).

If you’re done with late night drives, you can “register your interest” over on the Max Motor Dreams website.