Forget Pumpkins — Decorate With Apples Instead

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

With Fall in full swing, pumpkins are popping up everywhere! Although they look festive, they’re not exactly inexpensive if you’re looking to pick up more than one or two. Instead, try using apples for a less pricey option that still says fall — and save the orange decor until Halloween!

I ran across this small candle holder idea over at Woman’s Day and it started the wheels a turning about using apples in more of our seasonal decor. It makes financial sense since pumpkins aren’t exactly cheap these days, plus there’s a better chance you can take use of fallen fruit in your neighborhood as well.

Try using them on the table just as they are, place them in a bowl — or on sticks to make a “bouquet” in a vase. They could be also be placed in a vase and then covered with water for a pretty effect or just set out as decor that gets to be eaten at the end of the meal!

Pumpkins are fabulous in their own right, but saving them for Halloween means we’re won’t be sick of seeing them come Thanksgiving!

Do you use apples in your decor? Share your thoughts on display below!