Forget The Cake & Opt For Fruit Instead!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Although most kids attend birthday parties with thoughts of cake and ice cream swirling in their heads, would they really notice if this large fruit rainbow was there instead?

Kids and adults alike are wooed with their eyes and we’re pretty sure this rainbow is rather woo-worthy. It’s from the home of Brittany over at Tangled & True. You could make it as large as an entire table if you wanted and it could be filled with just fruits of the season or whatever happens to be on sale the week of the party.

It’s a big bold look that in combination with a few other sweet treats on the table might actually be enough to make some kids forget about the traditional cake and ice cream pairing. It could easily be finger food, or you could potentially make skewers that are easy for kids to pick up. If neither of those options sound appealing, you could even fill wedge-shaped take home boxes to make a mobile fruit rainbow.

Would your kids swing for an all fruit birthday party? What about with yogurt popsicles on the side Or would the cake be sorely missed? Let us know below!