Forgetting Items When You Leave The House?

published Feb 19, 2009
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021909remember-01.jpgAt a networking meeting yesterday, the speaker forgot their notes for the presentation she was about to give. We immediately felt the stress and anxiety they were feeling (in the past we’ve been known to forget a thing or two). We’ve come up with our own systems to keep us from experiencing another disaster after the jump.

  • We recommend these nifty organizers to friends and clients. It’s the last place you’ll see before exiting the house (and a great reminder). Just remember to put the outgoing bill or important piece of paper in its place the night before. We prefer doorknob organizers over an outbox for paperwork (that way the important information doesn’t get lost at the bottom of a pile).
  • For items like library books, DVDs, or clothes to take to the cleaners, we prefer an outbox. We really like collapsable outboxes so they can be stored when not in use (and hidden behind the couch).
  • A sticky note on the bathroom mirror, dresser or refrigerator is a great tool to remind you to look in your outbox or doorknob organizer (one extra step to curb forgetfulness).
  • It’s likely we’ll scoop our belongings up from our landing zone on the way out but before we leave the house, we always do a mental check; keys, cell phone and sunglasses.
  • Just in case your systems fail you, post a label on your steering wheel that reads, “what am I forgetting?” One last double check will ensure you aren’t leaving anything behind.

What about our AT readers? Do you have a unique way to circumvent forgetfulness? What are your tips to help you remember?

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