Found: Inexpensive Pink Pint-Sized Chair

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Yesterday we rounded up some of our favorite chairs for kids and just like many of you, we’re not always into paying designer prices, no matter how cute something is.

But Ohdeedoh reader Katie, in California, found a great alternative to high priced pint sized chairs. Did we mention it’s in a fabulous shade of pink?

Click through to see it’s absolutely amazing price tag and where you can try to find one yourself!

Katie found this chair for a steal at $27 at her local Marshalls. Although it’s not the easiest thing to carry with you out of a mall with kids in tow, the price tag made the trek totally worth the adventure and her daughter is sure to love it in her space!

You can read more about Katie over at her blog The Life of a Fire Fighter’s Wife.

Thanks Katie! Great find!

(Image: Katie from The Life of a Fire Fighter’s Wife)