Found: Sleek And Sexy Modern Lanterns

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Although we try to conserve electricity, we’re happy to have it running through our homes and helping us out with daily life. That isn’t to say, however, that once in awhile we love to have something practical on hand just in case the lights go out — and these are a great looking alternative!

These lanterns are from The Company Store and have a retail price of $79 each. Although that is considerable higher than picking up other alternatives from your local thrift store, or even digging around in your parents garage, we still think this one deserves a nod.

We’d love to have this one sitting out on display, eliminating the need to dig for candles when the power goes out! We’d say they’re so pretty we’d like to make out with them, but you might judge us. Not because we want to make out with a lantern (everyone has those thoughts right?), but because they’re meant to contain fire and everyone knows that playing with fire will get you burned. Please hold your applause until later.