Four Fantastic Bedrooms

A recent look at Marie Claire Maison for their best in bedrooms produced these four favorites. They’re quite different – from serene to whimsical – but they each contain an element of fantasy and intrigue:

The first bedroom is wispy and white. We imagine a romantic Mediterranean getaway. We imagine the cool stone shell of the building and the breezes through large vaulted openings.

The second looks like the nesting place of a world traveler. Just one small corner of the world where they can always return with treasures from afar.

Up on stilts, the third bed is perched high and appears almost as if it is meant to be carried. Perhaps we are peeking in on the bedroom of a nomad?

We love the dark walls offset by vibrant color in the fourth bedroom. We’re thinking whimsy here – almost circus-like.

In each of these bedrooms, we admire the lack of any “off-the-shelf”-ness. They’re the truly one-of-a-kind spaces we yearn for more of in our own surroundings. See more fantastic bedrooms under chambre at Marie Claire Maison.