4 New Furniture Fixes for Small Spaces

published Oct 28, 2014
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(Image credit: Sauder)

It’s no secret that multifunctionality is the key to successful small-space living. But every once in a while you come across a new small space solution that leaves you wondering, ‘Why haven’t I already thought of that?!’ Our friends at Sauder shared some of the latest they’ve come across, culled from creative bloggers across the web.

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#1 Discover Dresser Displays & Bureau Buffets

Score some extra storage by using a bureau as a buffet in your living or dining room. Finding one in a neutral color with hardware that compliments the room will help it to become part of your overall decor plan. The Shoal Creek Dresser from Sauder can easily double as a buffet for parties and provides extra storage for tabletop accessories or seasonal decor.

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#2 Trade Your Bookcase for a Nookcase

Nookcases, not bookcases, are where it’s at for small spaces. Instead of just shelves for books, find a piece that offers spacious nooks for storing dishes, kitchen accessories, or even lets you create a living room bar. Sauder’s Barrister Lane Tall Bookcase is a versatile choice that offers plenty of nooks for all your favorite things.

(Image credit: Celebrations at Home)

#3 Let Your Furniture Evolve With You

It’s the Golden Rule of small space solutions: invest in as many multi-purpose pieces as possible. If you’re already beyond the basics like ottomans that also offer storage, start thinking about how different pieces can work for you in different ways. The Edge Water bookcase can be a beautiful bar stand, as seen in the image at the top of this post, and can easily transition into a sweet storage piece for a nursery, above. Later, move it to your entry and use it for hats and gloves, dog leashes, rain boots, and a mail sorter.

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#4 Find Some Multifunctional Foldables

Folding furniture doesn’t always mean flimsy furniture. Sauder’s Soft Modern Tray Table is a sturdy, versatile metal piece that’s equally comfortable providing a pop of color as a living room cocktail table, bathroom caddy, or parking lot tailgate table.