Four Unique (and Easy to Assemble) Bookcases

Four Unique (and Easy to Assemble) Bookcases

Jess Watson
Apr 7, 2010

There is an emerging trend in furniture design to not only be conscious of the look of the final design, but also how a product is not only assembled by the end user, but also how it is shipped. Beyond using sustainable products, reducing packaging and space taken up during shipping is a sure fire way to up a product's environmentally friendly status. And making that final product quick to assemble definitely makes every consumer happy.

While not all of these products are on the market yet, they are worth featuring as each has thoughtfully considered design throughout the bookcase's different lives from shipping to having a home in your living room.


1 - J1studio designed the T.shelf, a versatile angular shelving system that can be setup around existing furniture or hung on the wall. The shelf itself packs flat for transport and only requires zipties and cables for assembly. Shelves can be configured in a multitude of ways and can also be customized. Visit J1studio: T.shelf for more information.

2 - German designer Alain Berteau created his Instant Shelving Unit to be presented at Milan Design Week 2010. The bookcase ships flat and no tools are required for assembly. Hinged brackets fold out and shelves easily slide into the brackets. The bookcases can be arranged as one long wall unit as well since there are no exterior walls between each bookcase. You can read more at designboom | alain berteau: instant shelving unit.

3 - Japanese born and Denmark based designer Yukuri Hotta designed the Kila Storage System, a simple and clean looking bookcase that is assembled using colorful wooden wedges. While this assemblage concept is not necessarily new, it's nice to see a return to a technique that undoubtedly works and is hands down easier than five pages of instructions and six bags of screws. Read more at designboom | yukari hotta: kile storage furniture.

4 - The Kantik Big by Patricia Yasmine Graf is such an intuitive design that we are surprised we haven't seen it sooner. The bookcase is just one giant piece of white powder coated MDF with cutouts. When leaned against a wall, books are held within their place by their own weight. And not only is assembly not required, it's also very nice to look at. Learn more at designspray - Kantik Big.

(Image credits: J1studio; Alain Berteau; Yukari Hotta; designspray)

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