NEWS: Fox Went Green For Earth Day

In our household, we celebrated Earth Day in many ways — as a no-car day, a buy nothing day, and a day to sport organic cotton clothes and shoes made from recycled tires. But we didn’t keep the TV off, which is why we noticed Fox’s latest campaign: spots that encouraged viewers to Green It. Mean It.

Over the course of the evening, we saw more than a few of these go green ads. Fox put together a dozen or so 15-second spots that offered simple green tips for the home. Most we were aware of, like recycling and turning off the tap, but what was very helpful about these spots were the well-illustrated statistics (like producing enough trash to cover Pennsylvania….that’ll hopefully inspire someone to recycle!).

Did you see these on your Fox affiliate? What’d you think?

If you missed these spots, you can catch them all here at Mefeedia. You can also hear tips from Fox celebs and see what else they’re doing to go green here.