iLamp: Twist It Around Anyway You Like

iLamp: Twist It Around Anyway You Like

Range Govindan
May 6, 2009

Ever wanted a lamp you could twist around? Most of the time, you are limited by the amount of twisting you can do with your lamps since most lamps are made out of some kind of metal. I've seen those snake lights that you can twist around for workmen, but I've never seen something like this. The iLamp enables you to twist it around in a bunch of different ways, to suit your needs.

The iLamp is made out of white silicon with an electroluminescent polymer screen. Both he map and the screen are flexible, which means that it's possible to twist them into any form you'd like. This lamp uses new technology and makes it super slim as well. It also gives off a different tactile feel than other lamps, thanks to the polymer used in its makeup. The lamp was designed by the Spanish firm SystemDesignStudio.

Having a lamp that can be twisted in loads of different ways can be pretty useful. I don't know much about the technology behind the lamp, about the polymers and such, but it should be possible to manufacture a lamp like with current technology. I'm just wondering about the power source and how that works within the super slim package. Needless to say that this would be a great table lamp. You'd be able to twist it around to get the right amount of illumination for your work. Also, since it's so flexible, it would be almost impossible to break. A drop from a table wouldn't destroy it, and believe me, lamps drops from tables quite easily when piles of paper get shifted around. [via TrendsNow, images via DesignsPotter]

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