Check out 3 of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unbuilt Houses

published Feb 23, 2022
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Credit: Angi

Frank Lloyd Wright’s name is synonymous with clean lines, rich wood tones, and architecture that blends seamlessly into its natural surroundings yet stands out from the everyday home. And although he designed hundreds of homes and buildings that did come to fruition, 1,171 architectural works (over half his repertoire!) were never built during his lifetime.

Angi wanted to see what Wright’s masterpieces on paper would look like in physical form. So, with the help of 3D rendering, Angi “built” three Frank Lloyd Wright homes that never went farther than a set of 2D plans.

Credit: Angi

The first home to be digitally built is the Mrs. David Devin House, which Wright designed in 1896 at the start of his career. The curves and busy details are unlike his other designs, and ultimately Mrs. Devin did not give Wright the go ahead to have it built in her Chicago neighborhood.

Credit: Angi

In 1946, Wright designed a cottage for author Ayn Rand, who initially contacted the architect in 1937 while researching “the career of an architect” for her novel “The Fountainhead”, according to Angi.

The house was designed with a top floor studio that overlooked the ocean and was going to be built in either Connecticut or Los Angeles, depending on what direction her career took. The design is serious and bold, marrying Rand’s severity and Wright’s love of nature. Rand ultimately canceled the project and stayed local to Manhattan.

Credit: Angi

Angi’s final 3D build is a Lake Tahoe lodge, which Wright designed in 1923 and was a favorite of his. It was designed without a commission and his dream for it was that it would sit on a 200-acre plot of land in Emerald Bay.

Though these designs were never built, they still offer just as much inspiration as Wright’s physical builds. To get a closer look at Angi’s 3D renderings, head over to their website.