Franka's Beautiful Amsterdam Abode

Franka's Beautiful Amsterdam Abode

Breanne Johnsen
Jun 17, 2015
(Image credit: Breanne Johnsen)

Name: Franka Coyle
Location: Hoofdweg Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Size: 1,991 square feet
Years lived in: 2.5 years (Rent)

Born and raised in Amsterdam Zuid (south), Franka and her lovely family live in a very charming Dutch home in the Hoofdweg neighborhood. Franka notes, "There are a lot of special places and beautiful streets in Amsterdam, but I couldn't resist the stunning homes in Hoofdweg. This neighborhood always made me feel happy when I would bike through. Most of the homes have gorgeous front gardens and the area is so magical in the spring. It's a perfect place to raise my family."
(Image credit: Breanne Johnsen)

Originally a psychiatric nurse, Franka made the difficult decision to leave the profession she loved to raise her two little ones (Poppy 4 and Frankie 22 months). This break from her career started to give her creative side a chance to come out. Franka has always had a massive interest in style, design and all things beautiful. Whenever someone visits their home people would ask where they bought their furniture. More than half of Franka's interior is vintage and secondhand. Franka connected with her dear friend Sri, who also has a love for all things vintage and secondhand, and they came up with the idea to find, select, and sell beautiful pieces straight from their homes. HAUS118 was born. HAUS118 carries a line of exclusive mid-century Scandinavian furniture pieces restored in Amsterdam, displayed in their homes and can only be viewed via Instagram.

Franka and her family feel incredibly blessed to be renting this beautiful Dutch home, however, she notes that there can be a love-hate relationship with renting - the downside being you can't change it all to your liking. Franka isn't the biggest fan of the floor - the black natural stone is not ideal when it comes to 2 kiddos and 2 pets - yikes! Though the owner added a lot of modern features, you simply can't hide the history of this house - and that she is very happy about.
(Image credit: Breanne Johnsen)

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: I am all about mixing styles. I think the best and most interesting interiors are made by combining styles. It makes a place come to life and will tell the story of who you are!

Inspiration: I love to spend time on Pinterest, Etsy and Instagram to find inspiration. If I have an idea, but not sure how to get it done I often look on Apartment Therapy! I have a membership to Elle decoration UK and often buy the Elle decoration NL.

Favorite Element: I love the Portuguese tiles in the entrance and kitchen. It gives the place a more classic touch. If I ever pick my own hall entrance I would choose a nice marble to go with the tiles. I know marble is popular at the moment, but for me it's true love! I seriously can't get enough! Also the rooms upstairs I adore! There is so much light and space, I get an instant calm feeling spending time there!

Biggest Challenge: To accept the aspects of the house that I would never choose myself in my home, but can't change as we're renting.

What Friends Say: Ever since we started HAUS118 friends always ask if things are for sale when they are at our home. I'm lucky enough to display some of the beautiful pieces we have in our home, sometimes it's hard to let go of a piece.

Also I hear a lot that I'm the most tidy person they know with two kids. When the kids are off to bed I like the house to be completely toys free. People never understand how I do it, but for me it is a must to really relax.

Biggest Embarrassment: I can't believe I'm sharing this in my story, but I guess it's as honest as I can get! My daughter had a friend over the other week. As they were playing with the barbie dolls I overheard my daughter asking her friend to stop making such a mess, 'mummy doesn't like mess'. I was pretty embarrassed by the fact that she was right. I felt so bad that my behavior in obsessive tidying was reflecting on my daughter. I'm much more relaxed after that!

Proudest DIY: My partner of HAUS118 and I once scored a beautiful vintage daybed for HAUS118. It was to ugly to look at, but we fell in love seeing the options to make it shine again. It was a long project as the bed was still full of horsehair, but 'wow' it's a piece were very proud of!

Biggest Indulgence: I was skeptical at first when my husband came home and told me of a sound system "we need" in our household! I couldn't say no since his birthday was coming up and also I wanted to stop the constant chatter around the subject, so I bought the whole thing. It involved a whole lot of speakers and wire connected to a mean sound bar. The Sonos system is amazing! It's a experience and makes every room his own happy place!

Best Advice: Invest in a piece that is different and stands out, it will give a room all the character it needs. Keep the rest simple and "clean"!

Dream Sources: Love Smallable. I know I can't afford all their beautiful things, but it gives me inspiration and ideas for the kids rooms. I love the NEST kids concept store. I get a lot of vintage goods stored in my house for our own Instagram webshop of HAUS118 and often when shooting new material I get a new idea or perspective of how to place a piece in our own home.


(Image credit: Breanne Johnsen)


  • Blue vintage Louis van Teeffelen chair from HAUS118.
  • Couches: Danca design model cube.
  • Rug: Recolored kelim at Rozenkelim.
  • Dressor: Vintage Louis van Teeffelen for topform dressor, Pallisander model from HAUS118.
  • Little cabinet with marble top and marble lamp both vintage, found it at a market years ago.
  • Wine cabinet with marble top is an antique piece from 1880 Paris, France.
  • Antique bronze clock. My father gave the clock to my mother when she gave birth to me. They gave it to me on my 30th birthday.
  • Vintage fauteuil with new modern black fabric from HAUS118.
  • Lights are from Madam Scolz (hand glass blown) and the light bulbs are from Volt360.
(Image credit: Breanne Johnsen)


  • Chairs vintage moller #71 design from HAUS118.
  • Table secondhand purchased online.
  • Little kids kitchen is from IKEA - DIY marble foil.
  • Floor lamp is a vinatge phillips light.
  • Wall poster Louis Vuitton print.
  • Leather chair is an antique chair from France.
  • Lights are from Madam Scolz (hand glass blown) and the light bulbs are from Volt360.
(Image credit: Breanne Johnsen)


  • Coffee machine design Electra Italia.
  • White vase HEMA.
  • Glass bell with butterfly boutique shop in Jordaan.
(Image credit: Breanne Johnsen)


  • Vintage dresser with mirror and marble top was a nice housewarming gift from my mom.
  • Wardrobe is from the owner of the house.
  • Desk is a old english desk with leather top.
  • Photoframes are IKEA.
  • Night stand with marble top are vintage.
  • Night lights on both sides IKEA.
  • Marble lamp Madam Scolz.
  • Rug is a vintage berber from Rozenkelim.
  • Bedding Zara Home.
  • Glass table is a vintage Paolo Piva design HAUS118.
(Image credit: Breanne Johnsen)


  • Mirror DIY cheap vintage remake painted black.
  • Marble cup H&M Home.
  • Rug H&M Home.
  • Towels Sissyboy Homeland.
(Image credit: Breanne Johnsen)



  • Peacock chair vintage design, HAUS118.
  • Junior bed is vintage and painted white.
  • Bedding Numero 74 by NEST kids concept store.
  • Little cabinet with marble top is a vintage side table.
  • Dollhouse vintage.
  • Table trolly under dollhouse is a vintage teatrolly HAUS118.
  • Wishbone kids chair Zara Home.
  • Gold dots on wall are stickers from ferm LIVING.
  • Garland above the bed is Numero 74 from NEST kids concept store.
(Image credit: Breanne Johnsen)
  • Perch toddler bed Oeuf NYC by NEST kids concept store.
  • Bedding Numero 74 by NEST kids concept store.
  • Chair is a vintage topform chair from HAUS118.
  • Rug vintage recolourd from Rozenkelim.
  • Garland birds from SUKHA Amsterdam.
  • Mirror is a old vintage painted in a mat green.
  • Wooden animals by mirror Eichhorn Toys.
  • Green cabinet vintage.
  • Wooden castle Eichhorn Toys.
  • Knights and horses Shleich.
  • Tent is from H&M all for children collection.

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