Frank’s Sock-it-to-me Sunshine

Name: Frank
Location: Reseda, California
Type of Home: single family home

Color Inspiration: I’m living with my Daughter and son-in-law and we wanted to freshen up the living room with colors that would lend a nod to the early 60’s flavor of her home and bring contemporary sophistication. I work for an interior designer who suggested we knock out the wall between the kitchen and living area and do a soffit at a crazy angles and emphasize these new angles with color to surprise and delight my young grandchildren. The colors were inspired by a simple gray and yellow pillow my daughter found.

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Sock-it-to-me Sunshine

Colors Used: We used Dunn Edwards Ripe Pineapple for the yellow accent walls. The base color is Dunn Edward Silverlake, and the richer gray color-block walls are Dunn Edwards Adirondack. We used Dunn Edwards Lazy Lizard as our poison green accent on a retro side table.

Color Tip: It’s important to let go of any fear of going bold and find colors that excite you. Use a small item that you absolutely love and build a room around it’s colors. A vase, a painting or a pillow! Any inspiring item will do. Remember that when colors go on large walls they appear darker than the small swatch you have chosen. I always step my color choices back one or two steps to achieve my original color choice when painting a room.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)