Free Indoor Decor from Nature's Floor

Free Indoor Decor from Nature's Floor

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 28, 2010

While I was scrolling though my morning blog roll I suddenly stopped on the above photo. Growing up in the Midwest I can spot those bright green headaches anywhere. Do you know what they are?

These bright green balls are the product of an Osage Orange tree or Maclura pomifera. Osage Orange trees — sometimes called Hedge Apples — have long been said to deter pests (such as spiders and ants) but the only thing they're scientifically proven to repel is mosquitoes. These spheres turn this vivid color in the Fall throughout the Midwestern states and across many parts of the country (they're quite hardy).

They were always the bane of any bike riders existence as it seems they pile up at the bottom of every good hill. They leak gushy white stuff when busted open and although you can eat the seeds, you probably won't want to unless you're a squirrel.

Now, all of our hatred aside, we love them in home decor! They're a bright color, last forever without getting mushy or rotten and are free. Free! What's better than that?! Plus, they smell faintly of oranges (though there's no relation). So next time you're out on an autumn stroll, try looking down or watching the trees for a few of these fine home decor accessories! See more of this look over at Pure Style Home.

Image: Pure Style Home

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