There’s a Free 90-Minute Meditative Film on YouTube, in Case Your 5-Minute Practice Just Isn’t Cutting It

published May 18, 2020
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Meditation is a proven way to help feel more relaxed and mindful throughout your days, and plenty of people are finding it beneficial, especially given the unpredictable nature of the current news cycle. But if your go-to meditation apps simply aren’t cutting it and you need a little extra help, there’s now a full-length meditative feature film you can watch, and it’s free to stream online.

Sci-fi short film company DUST has just launched “DUST Flow | A Meditative Experience,” which they describe as “a meditative feature film that harnesses the power of ambient music and imagery crafted to calm your senses and increase mindfulness. Utilizing cutting edge research in the fields of sensory aesthetics and cognitive science, DUST Flow is designed to send you into a state of digital relaxation and help you to escape the constant stream of modern distractions.” Basically, you’re tuning in to help yourself tune out.

The 90-minute film is now available on YouTube, and it’s sure to help quell quarantine-induced anxiety beyond what a quick guided meditation can do. Besides, if you’ve got the extra time at home, why not try take an hour and a half to help get your zen on and take your day on with a renewed sense of relaxation.

After you’ve watched the film, you can carry those blissed-out benefits with you by way of DUST Flow’s “Meditate with Me” playlist, a varied collection of guided meditations from top experts in the field, including mental health guru and author Deepak Chopra and Headspace’s Andy Puddicombe.

The team at DUST also recommend other proven stress-busters, including going for a walk, disconnecting from devices for a little while, calling a friend to catch up, or, of course, practicing deep breaths to help clear the cutter from your understandably frazzled mind for a bit.