5 Free Solutions to Help Your New Years Resolutions

5 Free Solutions to Help Your New Years Resolutions

Mike Tyson
Jan 28, 2011

January is just about over and we're wondering how your New Years resolutions are holding up. If you're having a hard time sticking with it, don't get yourself down. We've gathered free solutions from email reminders to web based to-do lists that will help you stay more productive, timely, efficient, and organized. After the jump we'll clue you in on the goods.

If you're looking for a minimalist, straightforward solution to handling your daily tasks that is accessible from all computers and smart phones, look no further than Teux-Deux. Created in part by the Swiss Miss herself, this nifty app as an acute sense of design with excellent functionality and is very intuitive. Make an account and begin using it to organize your tasks.

Follow Up Then
If you're constantly loosing important emails into the ether of inbox despair, this helpful guy could prove to be your solution. Follow Up Then is a way to easily send email reminders to you, the original recipient, or both, that they need to respond or perform some other additional task required. All you need to do is put the desired time interval in the email's TO, CC, or BCC field like so: 3days@followupthen.com and after that time the intended recipient will receive the email again.

Hi Task
If you're a business owner or are frequently delegated projects that require group interaction, Hi Task is an easy way communicate with multiple people simultaneously. You can assign tasks, record time spent on each task (for billing purposes, for example), generate reports, and even get mobile phone access. On top of all that, it can also handle your personal tasks as well as easily keep both business/personal entities separate.

Clearly Evernote is already a popular app among our readers. But it is nice to highlight this powerful tool yet again. Our favorite feature and one of Evernote's claim to fame, is the ability to search words that have been indexed from a photograph. For instance, if you want to quickly record a business card you've picked up at a lunch meeting, take a quick photo of it with your phone and the image will be uploaded to your personal Evernote cloud storage. The words on that business card will then be searchable incase you want to find that specific person's number later in the future.

This is a small, unobtrusive app that we simply can't live without. It is a notification system that works with many other applications such as Mac OS's Mail. It is highly customizable and allows you to get a great overview of your entire computer's operations all in a single place.

(1st image: flickr member Troy Holden. 2nd image: flickr member hansdorsch licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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