Decorating With Fresh Cut Greens

updated May 4, 2019
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Why do flowers get all the credit? These bright, beautiful leaves deserve their own vase and pedestal, too. For those of you who want to add some greenery to a room without needing a green thumb, here are some great ways to display some fresh cut greens.

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)


1. An olive branch paired with a vintage bottle (like this arrangement from Natalie Bowen Designs) is timeless, classic and perfect for just about any interior.
2. We’re still loving the use of beakers and test tubes as vases. Mix in a couple different types of leaves with various textures and shapes to create an interesting arrangement. My Attic shows a perfect display of common plants in various laboratory glassware.
3. Display small or large leaves, depending how much drama you’d like to create. Sheila creates all the impact without the fuss with just a few of these heart shaped Anthurium leaves.
4. These tropical spikey leaves (from Decor8) are perfect for the modern loft. Don’t be afraid to stack some books on a chair to create a more casual arrangement.
5. Easily bring the scent of pine without any fancy candles. See more images from Skonahem.


6. Use symmetric arrangements for more formal settings. See more ways to decorate with leaves, fruit and flowers at Home Deco 2 U.
7. Place your greenery next to something else green in your home. For example, check out this image from Luxie + Lillies of Snow Berry branch cuttings against the green vintage lamp and bucket chairs!
8. Bring more color into an austere modern home with large tropical plants remniscent of lush jungles, like these philodendron selloum leaves (image from CB2).
9. How beautiful is this gigantic plant cutting in Cassandra Karnisky’s bedroom (from Thou Swell)? The gigantic leaves bring a sculptural and tranquil element to this beautiful bedroom.
10. Fresh cut Monstera (Swiss Cheese) leaves can last 1-3 weeks! These tropical plants produce large, leathery leaves that are slow to evaporate water and are perfect displayed with just one or two other leaves. How perfect is this one from Danger Garden? If you don’t have a Monstera plant of your own, you can find leaves from New Seasons.