8 Space-Saving Fridge Organizers That Instantly Tidy Up All Your Bottles and Cans

published Mar 18, 2023
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Opening a can of beer
Credit: Joe Lingeman

The easiest way to keep your fridge organized is to not give it an opportunity to become messy in the first place. That doesn’t mean you need to spend more time tidying up your fridge than you already do, and it definitely doesn’t mean you should feel embarrassed if your fridge seems to gravitate toward disorder rather than order. It’s just a reminder that if you’re feeling annoyed or stressed out by the state of your icebox, there are tools that will do a lot of the organizational upkeep for you — and many of them are quite affordable.

Beverage organizers add a lot of helpful structure, both for arranging your cans and bottles and for keeping adjacent food items from spilling over. These tools come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and your fridge space. Check out some of our favorite drink organizers below and add one to your fridge — it’s an easy step to getting your entire fridge in check.

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The Container Store

Like the TikTok-viral rolling egg dispenser, this simple wire frame gently guides your canned beverages to the front of your fridge so they're always easy to grab. It holds an entire 12-pack's worth of cans and works just as well in the pantry for organizing cans of soup and broth.

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Maybe the most versatile beverage organizer available, this simple silicone mat has two sides — one for holding cans and one for holding wine bottles — and takes up zero space. Set it in your fridge and you'll always have a convenient place to keep cans and bottles of different shapes and sizes safe and secure.

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The Container Store

This plastic bin holds up to nine cans (or more if you want to triple-stack them) and is great if you go through a lot of sodas or seltzer waters. You can also use it as a divider to establish different zones within your fridge and give surrounding foods more structure to help stay organized. Read our full review of it here.

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What makes these hanging can dispensers so convenient is their ever-so-slightly sloped design. It keeps your sodas and seltzers within reach and lets you quickly grab one after another if you have company over. Because these slide onto the underside of your fridge shelves, they're renter-friendly and can be relocated as needed.

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Uncommon Goods

Put these magnetic strips on your fridge's ceiling to keep your bottled beverages out of the way. They attach to your fridge using a self-adhesive backing and create space beneath hanging bottles where you can store short food containers. These organizers prevent your bottles from ever falling over and breaking and take up zero room when they're not in use.

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Use your fridge space creatively with these can sleeves that let you store drinks vertically or horizontally. Each holster carries up to four cans and has a comfortable handle on the end for when you need to move it. This is ideal for use in mini fridges, college dorm fridges, coolers, and any situation where space is in short supply.

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If you drink a lot of pre-packaged drinks, you'll enjoy having this contraption in your fridge. Each row holds up to four regular-sized soda cans or beverage bottles, and the spring-loaded pushing device brings all your drinks up front so you don't have to dig around for them. It's a convenience store convenience that's built for your home.

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Attach this rack to the underside of any fridge shelf to create a discrete spot to hang cans. It holds up to eight beverages at once and works with regular 12-ounce cans as well as taller ones and skinny ones. With your drinks no longer taking up shelf space you'll have more room for food storage, and when the rack is empty it won't get in the way of anything else in your fridge.