There’s a ‘Friends’-inspired Cards Against Humanity Game That Every Fan Needs

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Through the years on “Friends,” we watched the gang play everything from poker and Pictionary to trivia and even football. If the show took place today, we bet they’d have Cards Against Humanity in the game night mix. Even though we’ll probably never get to see Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross play everybody’s favorite party game, now you can do the next best thing: Play with a “Friends”-themed deck. It’s perfect timing, too, as the 25th anniversary of the pilot episode is coming up on September 22.

The One with All the Cards is not a Cards Against Humanity expansion pack (though you could certainly shuffle it into your existing deck). It’s a set of 90 black question cards and 144 white answer cards that all contain “Friends” quotes and references. The game was clearly created by “Friends” superfans, as only people who have seen all 10 seasons many, many, many times could come up with all of these great cards.

The black question cards ask players to fill in the blanks on such sentences as “Pressing my third nipple opens the delivery entrance to the magical land of ____.” Now, “Friends” fans know that in the show, Chandler completes that thought with the word “Narnia.” You certainly get bonus points for being able to finish the quote accurately, but in this game, you’re not trying to answer it correctly—you’re trying to choose the funniest response.

White answer cards include even more “Friends” references, like “Drinking a gallon of milk in ten seconds” (we see you, Joey) and “Ichiban: Lipstick for Men” (again, we see you, Joey). Your friends who haven’t seen the show might not get every little reference, but they’ll still have fun filling in the blanks with the zaniest option possible.

“This game is hilarious! My parents and sister are ‘Friends’ fanatics and had a great time! Even my husband who isn’t quite into ‘Friends’ like we are had fun and we had even more fun explaining the cards he didn’t get! Definitely recommend!” one five-star review reads.

Now we know what we’re getting all of our friends for the holidays this year.