These ‘Friends’ Coasters Quiz You on Your Show Knowledge, Just Like the One with the Trivia Game

updated Jan 24, 2020
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Credit: NBC

Do your hangs consist of throwbacks, insides jokes, and endless quotes from your favorite 90s sitcom? “Friends” may have graced our screens over 15 years ago, but thanks to reruns, those lines are as fresh in our minds as Lip Smackers and butterfly clips. Any fan knows that the obsession with Ross and Rachel’s love story, Monica’s OCD, Chandler’s witty humor, Joey’s meatball sub, and Phoebe’s aloofness will never end. 

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Thanks for Urban Outfitters, you can prove you’re the ultimate fan with this Friends Trivia Coaster set.  Each Central Perk disc features questions based on the nostalgic show. Test your knowledge on Monica’s exes, Joey’s soap opera career, and Chandler’s uncomfortable butt-smacking boss. Use them as a decorative conversation piece or simply to battle your friends in the ultimate trivia challenge.

Each coaster has the Central Perk logo printed with light green detail on the front side. Flip them over to reveal two trivia questions (with answers written upside down in tiny print). Get the first question right, and you’re considered a fan. Boom, one point for you! The second question proves to be somewhat more difficult.  Challenging the distinction between show-watchers and superfans. Get it right, boom, two points for you! You can expect questions like: “Who did Chandler and Monica run into while considering a home purchase in the suburbs?” and “What name did Rachel have picked out before she chose ‘Emma’?”. 

It’s a great conversation set to bring out for your next game night, or the next time you and your hubby want something to do other than binge on Netflix. Put your Friends knowledge to the test and pick up the coasters at Urban Outfitters.