Friendship Bracelets For Your Tech Cords & Cables

Friendship Bracelets For Your Tech Cords & Cables

Gregory Han
Feb 23, 2012

Brit of design blog, Hello Brit, sent in this fun crafting project for tech cables and cords inspired by this friendship bracelets from your youth, similar to the tangle-free embroidery floss project we shared a little while ago...

Remember when all you needed to have a good time was a few spools of colored string and a friend to give a bracelet to? Well the days of summer camp are long gone but colorful crafting materials are still around and, today, bring a little bit of color to our computer cords, phone chargers, and headphones.

Materials: - cords (computer, phone, headphones, anything) - embroidery floss - yarn - scissors - optional: tape

Our first method is for an iPhone charger. Select four colors of embroidery floss and cut to about four times the length of your cord. Tie on one end. Hold down the tied off end and start wrapping. Keep going until you reach the end. If you run out of floss before you're done, simply tie on another set of four and keep wrapping. Tie a knot at the end and braid the remaining floss. We use the braided part to tie the cord together for easy storage.

The second option is to use yarn, preferably in a gradient (you know we love it). This works best for computer cords, which are thicker and longer. Simply wrap until you reach the end, or the halfway point depending on the kind of cord you are using.

And our third is one that is for one of those really rainy Sundays when you want to park yourself in front of the TV and make knots all day. Literally. Knots. You must remember good old chinese staircase. Grab your headphones and a few of your favorite colors, and get ready to knot the day away. We're still working on ours!

Thanks to Brit Morin for sharing!

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