Frito Lay & Sun Chips Are Back With A Quieter Bag

Frito Lay & Sun Chips Are Back With A Quieter Bag

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 2, 2011

Back in October there was all sorts of noise (literally) about the new bags that Sun Chips had produced. They made a fully compostable bag in efforts to reduce landfill waste, but the downside was the noise level. They were just too "crinkly" and complaints were rampant. Now they're back with a new design and maybe we can all have a little peace and quiet... well, as quiet as a bag of chips can be.

Frito Lay and Sun Chips went back to the drawing board and analyzed ways to still keep the same eco-friendly packaging in a way that consumers would support without complain. Although many options were tried, they ended up using a very thin adhesive to put two bags together before filling.

The end result is a bag that is 15 decibels quieter than the previous offender. It is now just as loud as other bags, by other brands, and the original Sun Chips bag. Hopefully this is enough to fend of those who were disrupted by a bag that was too noisy and keep the movement towards packaging that is less damaging to the environment in mind.

You can watch a video to hear the sound for yourself over at Sun Chip's website. Just click "learn more" at the top of the site and a video will play showing you a demo of both the old and new bag. They're headed to stores soon, so we're curious to try them out first hand! Do you think this new bag will help solve the problem? Did you think there was a problem to begin with?

(Flickr member somegeekintn licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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