This TikToker Built the Most Elaborate House and Pool on His Fence for a Frog

published Mar 5, 2023
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Some frogs have ponds and water lilies. Others have fancy houses and an infinity pool.

When a TikTok user named Dazza noticed a frog on his fence, he decided to build it a home. In his video, he started by 3D-printing a tiny house, which the frog didn’t like. Thankfully, the comments section gave constructive feedback, telling him to provide easier access by constructing a patio filled with water. And so he did, plus he even added an infinity swimming pool with a waterfall.

Oh, and they gave the frog a name: Frodrick, or Frod for short.

Soon, the frog started having guests over, including a possum which Dazza thought was a predator at first, so he built an emergency cave for Frod to hide in. As it turned out, the marsupial was actually another friend. They ended up naming the possum as King Julian.

But wait, it didn’t end there. Dazza also added other features, like a pond and a bug light to attract frog food. The setup was so hospitable that Frod eventually had tadpoles. As for the possum, another one had arrived — which Dazza named Queen Julia — and brought along her joey named Mort.

It very might well be the feel-good story of the year so far, and it all started with the sweet gesture of improving Frod’s habitat.

As of writing, the clip has amassed more than 37 million views and received some 68 thousand delighted comments. “This was the most entertaining TikTok I’ve seen in a long time!” said one user, while another added: “It’s crazy how invested we’ve all become, Frod and his little world is the only ‘reality show’ I watch.”

Give Dazza a follow to see what he has in store for his new neighbors.