From Boring to Bold: 6 of the Easiest-to-Implement Daring Design Details for Small Spaces

From Boring to Bold: 6 of the Easiest-to-Implement Daring Design Details for Small Spaces

Adrienne Breaux
Mar 15, 2015

If you're always on the hunt for bold ideas to add to the rooms of your small home, you'll like these six. They're daring details — but they're not terribly difficult to implement. And what makes them perfect for small spaces is that they're the kind of details you can add to an existing space without needing a lot of space.

Mix patterns

Nothing says "bold" like a deft mixing of bold and busy patterns in such a way that screams daring and intentional. And because so many textiles are available in bold patterns (and are easy to mix and match on say, a sofa), this daring detail can be experimented with — and changed — with the seasons or your tastes. And because of the potency of bold patterns, you won't need much to make a big difference and you won't need to take over a lot of space to make it happen. Seen on Design*Sponge.

Hang art in unexpected places

How is hanging art a particularly daring detail? Well it is when you hang art in a spot that someone's not expecting it to be hung. Over a door. In front of a window. On the ceiling. On a kitchen cabinet. You can decide just how daring you want to get with this idea. And those not particularly keen on the idea of nailing holes into their cabinetry need only keep in mind the plenty of no-drilling-required ways of hanging art that exist. Why this works great for a small space is because in small spaces you might not have a lot of wall space to begin with — adding art in an odd place isn't just a great way to make room for your art collection, it's a great way to grab attention. Spotted on Design*Sponge.

Highlight architectural details

Sometimes a bold decorating move in a room is just making sure your bold architectural details that came with the place stand out the right amount. Like the example above, it could mean highlighting the feature with a exciting paint color to get it to stand out. But it could also mean using pattern or it could mean leaving a lot of negative space around the detail so that it grabs the attention. It could even mean using light. Seen on Brooklyn Bride.

Make bookshelves more dramatic

Bookshelves are a natural focal point in a space. So why not get as much mileage as possible out of this spot in the home by making them more dramatic? Even more importantly if you live in a small space and you have small bookshelves to match. You could use paint color behind the books to really create a bold contrast. You could use color arranging ideas to organize the books' spines in an aesthetic way. You could even use bold bookends to grab attention. Spotted on Trendenser.

Bring in bold color beside the bed

The bedside is an often-forgotten spot for bringing in the bold, but one of the easiest places to play around with. Even (or perhaps especially) if your bedroom is on the small side. Why? Because it's such a small and compact space, anything you do will read quite daring. So bring in a brightly colored or boldly patterned runner that just runs along the side of one bed. Paint an old nightstand a daring color, or even just update the hardware. Via Etsy.

Make your bathtub or shower an escape

Want a super simple idea of transforming your small, not-a-lot-of-room-to-begin-with bathroom into a little bit more bolder of a space? Use multiple shower curtains to mimic the look of substantial drapes leading into a bathtub or shower area that will feel like a retreat from a hectic world. Spotted on Design*Sponge.

What kind of daring design details do you think work best in small spaces? Share your ideas!

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