From Dining Room to Home Office: Without Buying Anything

Although I have a slim desk behind the sofa in my living room, I have always blogged from bed. But now that I’m working at home all day — not just a for a few hours in the morning — I felt the urgency to get serious about my office space. Over this weekend, in preparation for starting work at my “new job,” I looked around my house for a place to set up my new office. I faced two challenges: The first was financial; I didn’t want to buy anything. The second was functional; I still wanted my home to look pretty — not like I just plopped a desk into the middle of nowhere. Here’s what I came up with.

After looking around, my dining room seemed to be the best bet. It gets minimal use and (confession) this would certainly be a lot better than using it as a dumping ground for mail. In fact, I’d previously considered transforming it into an office/den but scrapped the project as too costly for now.

Deciding how to orient the dining table/desk was the key to figuring out the whole space. The chandelier hangs too low to walk under. Then I came across a photo that provided inspiration; putting the table/desk at an angle solved my problem. Plus, it lets me face outwards instead of looking at a wall all day. After that it was just a matter of gathering up items from around the house. A pile of favorite and inspirational design books, a vase, a tray. I’m starting to put together my taxes so my financial folder is on my desk. Later, maybe I’ll add a desk lamp or move my fishbowl to the desk’s corner but for now I’m ready for work!

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