From Facebook to the Real World: Buump Bands

From Facebook to the Real World: Buump Bands

Jesse Leikin
May 16, 2011

On Facebook we can tell the relationship status of almost anybody. However, in the real world, all we have had to go off of are engagement and wedding rings (yes, sarcasm intended). Enter Buump. Looking to take advantage of the Facebook flirting phenomena, Buump has created relationship bracelets for the real world with the same "status" and "looking for" descriptions.

Count me among those that might find this a little strange, but Buump might actually be on to something here. In general people always are looking to find ways to digitize the physical world, but this is an attempt to do just the opposite. Maybe this is exactly what people are looking for. On the other hand, maybe not.

While there is certainly a place and a business in making physical products from digital ones, this personally does not seem like the case. One example that works well is with photographs. While we tend to take digital photographs and upload them to our social networks, there is still a nice business in taking those digital photos and making physical albums for our homes. Even ideas such as Social Print Studio, which lets you make prints of your social network still seem a bit more reasonable then Buump bands. Instead of mimicking something from Facebook, Social Print Studio is creating a unique way to display your social network offline.

Both are interesting ideas focused on taking aspects of social networks and making real products from them. However, one may have the slight edge in most peoples minds. Which are you more likely to use? Is there any aspect of your social network you would like to see replicated in the real world? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

(via TechCrunch)

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