From Pool to Dancefloor with Hydrofloors

From Pool to Dancefloor with Hydrofloors

Taryn Williford
Mar 2, 2010

It's a pool. A pool with a retractable floor that can change depths instantly, including making the pool disappear entirely leaving a level floor in it's place. This hi-tech, hi-luxury gizmo isn't a realistic possibility for those of us without pools—or a couple mil' in the bank. But it's still fun to dream, isn't it?

HydroFloors is, by defualt, probably the world's premier supplier of vertically movable floors for rich people. OK, that was all commentary. To be clear, they'll sell their floors to anyone, including paycheck-to-paycheck schlubs like us. But as we don't have tons of extra money or an "associated terrace or indoor pool room," we're left without 007-style hidden recreation.

The system, which is in compliance with national safety standards, allows you to elevate the height of the pool floor to any pre-selected water depth instantly. If you want a deep pool to dive in, set it to the deepest setting. If you want a shallow water lounge, set it and throw some chairs inside.And if you suddenly need to add a 200 square foot dance floor, you can set it to "pool surround" and have the water completely out of sight underneath the HydroFloors.

You can also elevate the floor as a safety measure. Plus, when the floor is covering the pool, costs to heat it are greatly reduced. If you're interested, you can contact HydroFloors through their Web site here.

Via Ubergizmo

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