Before & After: Pretty in Pink to Bold Black & White

October was color month here at Apartment Therapy and we showed you loads and loads of wonderful paint and wallpaper ideas. After a month of inspiration, I just couldn’t hold myself back any longer! I had to jump into the painting game myself and, of course, I’ve been taking photos to share.

When we first moved into our condo three years ago I was embracing a love of pastel colors. At the time I loved the blush-y pink that I painted the entry hall but something has shifted in me lately and now I’m feeling more dramatic. That means it’s time to say goodbye to the pink paint and hello to a new bold paint treatment.

After toying with making my own stencil (a big, fat FAIL) I ended up ordering a Moroccan Camel Bone Weave stencil from Royal Design Studio. Once the stencil arrived I purchased a gallon of flat black paint and a quart of semi-gloss dove white paint.

I’ll admit that when I first painted the entire hallway in flat black paint I started to worry. It was so dark! I could hardly wait for the paint to dry so I could start stenciling the white paint over it. Once I started applying the white paint I was so relieved to find it all coming together. The white pattern over the black background looks much lighter than I started to expect it would when I only had the black base coat up.

As you can see in the photos, I haven’t quite finished my project. Stenciling, even in a small hallway, is a time consuming activity. I still have two small walls to stencil and then, when I’ve finished with all of the large expanses of wall, I’ll cut the stencil into smaller pieces so that I can get around the tight quarters, such as around the buzzer.

Of course, now that I’ve repainted the hallway I’ll also need to change out the fabric wall hanging that covers the electrical box and also the table that acts as our landing strip. Stay tuned next week to see how everything comes together.

Images: Jason Loper