From the Guys: Collections on Display from Our Archives

If there’s one things we’ve learned here at Apartment Therapy, it’s that examples of real homes provide infinitely more inspiration than anything we could show you from a magazine or stylist. We also know that this month we are celebrating all things art and collections. So, we dove into our House Tour archives to find the homes of some incredibly stylish men and their ideas for displaying collections.


1Robert & Ronnie’s Breath of Summer Escape uses classic architectural details like bead board and molding to add sophistication to their vintage toy collection.

2 – In Tim’s Classic Chicago Two Flat, a collection of vintage suitcases is proudly displayed in a nook of a hallway.

3 – Even something as utilitarian as jackets can be worth displaying when done fashionably are artfully. Chris’ Industrial “Dreamer’s Dream” Loft does so with an array of hooks.

4 – Al’s love of music is showcased with care in The House That Al Built, With a Twist.

5 – Not all of us will be lucky enough to display a series of Josef Albers’ prints, but Kevin Sharkey’s High Over the Hudson house is a perfect example of how any series should be hung.


1 – Michael’s assortment of classic clocks finds a perfect home in a built-in nook in Michael’s Laid Back Cottage. The small statue makes an unexpected addition to the display.

2 – An interesting set of vintage mugshots are grouped together and displayed in a grid in Jonas’ Modern Hollywood Regency Homestead.

3 – When Lanz found a set of old metal stencils on the street, he decided to create a sculptural piece out of them as a way to display them in Lanz, Michael and Brent’s Evolving History House (Part I).

4Casey’s Loft Life shows how putting a collection in a jar can make something as low brow as travel size toiletries feel a bit more high brow.

5 – When arranged artfully, anything is worthy of displaying including pots and pans like in Randy’s Retro Redux.

Images: TOP ROW: 1 – Gregory Sparks; 2 – Jason Loper; 3 – Sean Stiegemeier and Dirk Mai; 4 – Beth Zeigler; 5 – Martha Stewart Living, Aaron Able; BOTTOM ROW: 1 – Michael Jon Watt; 2 – Sarah Rae Trover; 3 – Jessica Watson; 4 – Jason Loper; 5 – Annie Lou Berman